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Alarm Management

  • Alarm system assessment – analyze alarm system performance, benchmark against current best practices and standards, recommend areas for improvement.
  • Alarm management training – conduct seminar to educate key personnel on the design principles of alarm management and how implementation of an alarm management system will affect their specific responsibilities and the organization as a whole.  The content of this seminar is based on current industry guidelines and standards.
  • Alarm philosophy development – lead a structured workshop, engaging key personnel, to gather the information necessary to write an alarm philosophy tailored to site or corporate needs.  Prepare alarm philosophy document.
  • Alarm rationalization – lead and facilitate alarm rationalization and documentation projects.
  • Advanced / Enhanced alarm development – design alarms, customized to the process needs, to reduce alarm floods and nuisance alarms.

Process Control

  • Control strategy development / Process optimization – develop and document control strategies to meet process, operational, and organizational requirements; train operators in use of controls.
  • Controller tuning – tune control loops based on open or closed loop testing, develop linearization and feed forward networks.

Experience & Accomplishments

30+ Years Industrial Experience

  • Alarm management – conducted alarm management principles training seminars, designed advanced alarms, developed and wrote alarm philosophies, performed alarm system assessments, facilitated alarm rationalizations, installed alarm management hardware and software.
  • Process control – optimized processes with innovative and robust solutions: Designed and implemented an automated reactor start-up strategy that reduced start-up time tenfold with a $1.5 million annual increase in income; Designed and implemented a control strategy for a high hazard chemical reactor, including automated start up, operation, and shut down, that is still in use after more than twenty years.

Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Designed and implemented a control scheme that reduced downtime caused by lack of feed by 54%, resulting in an annual $5.3 million increase in income

International Society of Automation (ISA)

  • Active member since 1980
  • Contributing member of the ISA-18.02 committee, Management of Alarm Systems in the Process Industries.
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